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“Going to Dr. Bloom to try and fix my sweating problem was the best decision I’ve ever made; my life has changed in so many ways and I owe her so many thanks. Before my procedure I had become accustomed to so many habits of trying to hide or minimize my sweat, such as changing my shirts multiple times a day, going to the restroom to pat my armpits dry, trying every brand of antiperspirant available, driving with my elbows up and blasting the air conditioning on my armpits to dry my shirt and I most certainly never raised my arms up in public for fear of everyone seeing my huge sweaty armpits.


“After two very easy procedures my underarm perspiration was nearly eliminated. The only time I have any perspiration is when I am very physically active, whereas before I would sweat all day no matter my activity level or the ambient temperature.


“I can now raise my arms up proudly and without worry. I enjoy dressing up and wearing suits as often as I can and I now do it without the concern of ruining all of my bespoke shirts and jackets.


“I truly cannot imagine going back to the way things were before my procedure. Thank you, Dr. Bloom!”


— Zack B.



“I work in an office environment and regularly attend meetings. [Before Dr. Bloom’s treatment] I would start the day by using the strongest antiperspirants. Throughout the work day, in an attempt to keep my underarm sweating in check I would make 6 to 7 visits to the bathroom and fold up paper towels to put under my shirt.  This basically kept the noticeable sweat spots confined to under my arms so that as long as I didn’t raise my arms people wouldn’t see the spots.


“As you can imagine though, not raising your arms throughout the day is very confining. Sweat stained shirts were common and many times the sweat spots would be so extensive that even having my arms down would not hide the spots. Almost a year ago I also met my lovely girlfriend. At that point, I knew for sure I wanted to do something so my sweating issue would not have any effect on my relationship.


“I did some research and found out about the botox injections and surgery but the botox was temporary and the surgery was very invasive.  Then I came across miraDry. I did as much research as I could online and looked at the doctors that were offering the procedure. Thankfully I found Dr.Bloom. She was very informative and honest with everything about the procedure and how it worked from beginning to end with no pressure to proceed with anything I didn’t feel comfortable doing. I was comfortable, so it was time to take the step that changed my life.


“The solution was two procedures with miraDry and Dr. Bloom. She repeatedly asked me if I had any questions or any concerns as she explained each step of the process. She made me feel very comfortable.  All in all the procedure took around 2 hours.  To my surprise and appreciation Dr. Bloom even gave me a call that night to make sure I was doing all right. After the first procedure sweating was reduced by at least 60%.  One month from the first procedure, I went in for the second with almost an identical experience and satisfaction with the procedure and Dr. Bloom. After the second procedure sweating was reduced by at least 90% overall!


“Almost a year after the procedure, I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. Most days, I forget about those days before the procedure like it was just a bad dream. Anybody that has the issue of hyperhydrosis, trust me when I say, this will be one of the best choices you ever make.”


— Tim H.