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miraDry Testimonials


The miraDry® procedure is a quick, non-invasive, FDA-cleared system for dramatically reducing underarm sweat — with no surgery, no injections, no harsh chemicals, and no toxins.


Sweat glands are eliminated through the delivery of precisely controlled energy. Because sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after treatment, results are lasting.


The best candidates for the miraDry procedure are people who have to frequently apply antiperspirant, who are embarrassed about underarm sweat outbreaks, or are frustrated over sweat stains ruining their clothes.

Results are fast – you can expect a noticeable reduction of sweat immediately after treatment. Clinical trials have shown:


  • 90% clinical efficacy
  • 82% average reduction in underarm sweat
  • Strong safety profile
  • High patient satisfaction


The procedure is done in Dr. Bloom’s office, and takes about an hour, with minimal to no downtime. (Localized soreness or swelling is normal but typically clears within a few weeks.) Two treatments, three months apart, are recommended for best results.


For more information about miraDry, or to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Bloom’s office at 310-278-8811 or fill out the form.


miraDry is a registered trademark of Miramar Labs, Inc.